Ministry of Finance

02 3255 300
12 Dame Gruev Str., Skopje
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Ministry of Finance performs works and tasks related to:

  • Preparation and execution of the Budget of the Republic of North Macedonia and the balance sheet of the Budget of the Republic of North Macedonia; 
  • Treasury system; 
  • Public debt management; 
  • Macro-economic policy and policy for development of national economy; 
  • Preparation and monitoring macro-economic balances; tax system and tax policy; 
  • Customs; 
  • Bank and saving banks system and other financial institutions; 
  • System of foreign currency operations; 
  • System of accounting, auditing and payment operations; 
  • International financial relations and EU cooperation; 
  • Public internal financial control; 
  • Fiscal decentralization; 
  • Games of chance, ownership and other property and legal relations; 
  • Commodity reserves; 
  • Supervision under their authority and other duties stipulated by law.