Ministry of Justice

02 3116 493
9 Dimitrie Chupovski Str., Skopje

Ministry of Justice performs works and duties related to:

  • Judiciary, public prosecution, ombudsman;
  • State administration; 
  • Criminal accountability and misdemeanor accountability; 
  • Notary works, barristers and other type of legal aid; 
  • Inheritance, ownership, substantial rights and obligation relations; 
  • International legal aid; 
  • Performance of sanctions for crimes and misdemeanors; 
  • Organization and management of penitentiary and correctional facilities; 
  • Amnesty and pardons; 
  • Court expertise, expertise and super-expertise; 
  •  Election system, registry of voting rights; 
  • Criminal, misdemeanor, litigation, extrajudicial, executive and administrative proceedings; 
  • Administrative supervision; 
  • Performance of works that are not under authority of other body of the state administration; and 
  • Performing other duties as stipulated by Law