Ministry of Economy

02 3085 347
15 Jurij Gagarin Str., Skopje

The Ministry of Economy performs works and duties related to:

  • Monitoring the state and developments on the market of goods and services and impact of measures of the economic policy; 
  • Monitoring of economic, structural and technical and technological situations and proposing measures for accomplishing development and ongoing economic policy in area of production, trade, tourism, hospitality services and handicraft; 
  • Undertaking measures against monopoles and monopole behavior; 
  • Monitoring current material balances and providing citizens with fundamental foodstuff and other consumer goods, and enterprises with raw materials; 
  • System and Policy of Prices for products and services; 
  • Preparing program for global material development of human resources; 
  • Industrial property; 
  • Protection of consumers; 
  • Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperatives; 
  • Monitoring international economic movements, as well as their impact over economic relations of the Republic of North Macedonia; 
  • Foreign Trade; 
  • Geological research and exploitation of minerals; 
  • Energy; 
  • Use of general and technical norms, regulations and standards; 
  • Metrology; 
  • Performing surveillance under their authority; and 
  • Performing other duties as stipulated by Law.