Ministry of Social Policy, Demographics and Youth

02 3117 288
14 Dame Gruev Str., Skopje
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Ministry of Social Policy, Demographics and Youth performs works and duties related to:

  • Employment; 
  • Pension and disability insurance; 
  • Protection of workers at work; 
  • Material security for temporary unemployed; 
  • Salaries and standard of life; 
  • Social policy; 
  • Humane population policy for the purpose of harmonization of economic and social development; 
  • Legal relations in marriage, family and extra-marital communities; 
  • Relations between children and parents, guardianship and adoption; 
  • Advancement of gender equality; 
  • Protection of children and minors; 
  • Protection of youth and women; 
  • Protection of people with development disabilities;
  • Protection of civil disabled people from wars and of families whose breadwinner is on mandatory military service; 
  • Protection of fighters from Anti-fascist war and from all national liberation wars of Macedonia, war disabled persons, of persecuted and imprisoned for the ideas of independence of the Macedonian people and its statehood, as well as for the members of their families who have no opportunities for material and social existence; 
  • Performing surveillance under their authority; and 
  • Performing other duties as stipulated by Law.