Ministry of interior

+389 2 3117 222
9 Dimche Mirchev Str., Skopje
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The Ministry of Interior performs works and duties related to:

  • Exercising the system of national and public security; 
  • Reporting of residence and temporary residence; 
  • Citizenship and passports for border crossing; 
  • Movement and stay in border area; 
  • Control when crossing national border, as well as certain works regarding determination and resolution of border incidents and other violations of border; 
  • Stay and movement of foreigners; 
  • Production, trade, storage and protection of flammable liquids, gases, explosives and other hazardous materials and their transport; 
  • Providing assistance in natural disasters and epidemics; 
  • Procurement, owning, carrying and control of marking of weapons and ammunition; 
  • Performing surveillance under their authority; and 
  • Performing other duties as stipulated by Law.