Deputy Prime Minister on the National Day of North Macedonia on Expo Dubai – this global event is a unique opportunity to learn from each other and to make use of individual advantages to grow together

Below you will find the integral address of the Deputy President of the Government in charge of economic affairs, coordination of economic sector and investments, Fatmir Bytyqi, at the ceremony marking the National Day of North Macedonia on Expo Dubai 2020, the biggest event of this kind in the world, where beside our country, there are 191 countries from around the world:

Your excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, United Arab Emirates Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence and Commissioner General of Dubai Expo, 

Dear members of the official delegation of the United Arab Emirates,

Dear members of the official delegation of the Republic of North Macedonia,

Dear members of the organizing team of EXPO,

Dear participants, media representatives and guests,

Dear friends,

Today as we are celebrating the National Day of the Republic of North Macedonia, it is my great honor and privilege to be here with and among all of you. Let me share my appreciation and gratitude on the behalf of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia and my fellow citizens watching us now directly on our National channel back home, for this tremendous opportunity but also for your heartfelt support for the representation of our country. 

It is no news when I say that this past two years have been challenging for all, but it also emphasizes the praise towards you and the entire organizing team of EXPO and to the United Arab Emirates for raising above and still managing to organize this magnificent event. I congratulate you on your patience and consistency; thank you for not giving up on the idea to build this important place where we can come as individuals and create and create a revolutionary story, globally.

This EXPO symbolizes respect for otherness and embraces diversity through promoting and living in action - cohesion, integration, collaboration, inclusion and vision. As we have the entire world unified and gathered in one place, it’s a unique opportunity to learn from and about each other and use our unique strengths to grow together.

Together in solidarity and compassion is what got us through the Covid pandemic. Together we were, and are still standing strong - fighting through adversity. This is the only way forward that will enable us to build back better. Together with empathy we will continue to build resilience in the Post Covid. 

The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia has all its intentions focused on integration and building partnerships. Since March 2020, The Republic of North Macedonia has been an official NATO member, and that has brought substantial predictability and stability. 

Аs we are moving towards integration in the European Union, we are making noticeable progress in implementing European standards within our country as we are reaching our milestones concerning digitalization, improving regional collaboration and partnership, just investment opportunities, wide infrastructure investments and improvements, all while being dedicated to meeting our sustainable development goals with much awareness towards environmental protections.

My dear friends,

Today is a celebration. We are celebrating my nations National Day here in Dubai EXPO, but my heart is additionally festive because of our friendship, and I hope fruitful future collaboration with the United Arab Emirates and not only.

We cherish our friends and partners and have so much to offer. Being on the doorstep of the European Union, we offer a unique opportunity for market placing as well as strong supply chains that can be spread through the Western Balkans Region.

There is a window of opportunity opening for our region in this post covid recovery period – and that is capitalizing on the full potential of near-shoring that has shown to be a necessity that surfaced in the face of the pandemics.  When the far reached, international suppliers have failed to deliver, what has become obvious more than ever is the opportunity that lies in regional value chains that can generate economic stability and growth. Considering the closeness of our market to the big European market, our potential and chance for building back better post covid lies exactly here.

They say, create the opportunity and luck will come.

You have created this amazing universe, and here we all are, open and eager to create a better future, for us, for our children, for our planet. And I thank you for that.