Osmani Meets Ukraine President Zelensky on Kyiv Visit – OSCE Possesses Capacity to Assist People through Field Work

As part of his visit to Kyiv in his capacity of OSCE Chairman-in-Office, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani had a meeting today with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, during which he expressed his support for the Ukrainian Government, stressing that the OSCE supports the Ukrainian people and the efforts aimed at restoring peace and stabilizing the region.

"The sacrifice and commitment of President Zelenskyy in protecting the Ukrainian people, as well as the valour he has displayed in facing the challenges and consequences of the aggression against Ukraine by the Russian Federation are indeed impressive. I call upon Russia to immediately put an end to the aggression.

The OSCE supports the Ukrainian people and will continue to monitor the situation closely. This support for the Ukrainian efforts to restore peace and build a stable future for the Ukrainian citizens is indeed necessary", Osmani pointed out.

Furthermore, Osmani stated that the OSCE possesses both the mechanisms and capacity to assist people in conflict areas through field work.

"One of the first steps should be the immediate return of an OSCE field mission in Ukraine. The mission will make a big difference on the ground in terms of ensuring stability, security, and respect for human rights for every citizen," said Osmani.

The visit of Osmani to Ukraine comes as part of the efforts of North Macedonia to meet one of the main priorities of its 2023 OSCE Chairpersonship, the main focus of which is the people on the ground who are most affected by the military aggression.