Xhaferi with a message for the students in Prishtina: Create values, reach the peaks and never stop

Today the President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi, paid a visit to the AAB College in Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo.

Following the agenda, the Prime Minister first met the Steering Board and the rector of the AAB College, Blerim Oluri. The AAB College is the first private higher education
institution in Kosovo, established immediately following the war on Kosovo, after the creation of new economic, social and cultural relations for normal life of the citizens of
Kosovo, thus breaking the monopolistic conditions that ruled for a long time in education.

At the meeting with the Steering Board and rector Oluri, the President was informed of all peculiarities of the College, from administrative, infrastructural and professional
aspect, and he received answers from rector Oluri who pointed out that the institutions which in the beginning offered only studies in the area of art and mass communications,
in the course of time turned into a relevant domestic academic centre representing an example for a higher education institution, not only in the region, but also beyond, thus
promoting institutional autonomy and academic freedom, as well as scientific research within the institution.

Within the framework of the visit, there was also a tour of the premises of the college, and President Xhaferi gave a lecture to the students on the topic "Friendly relations
between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of North Macedonia";.

In his presentation to the students, Prime Minister Xhaferi pointed out that "bilateral political relations between the two countries are characterized by open and constructive
dialogue, as well as productive and fruitful cooperation in all areas of mutual interest, including political, economic, business cooperation, infrastructure, education, health
and, of course, the exchange of experiences and cooperation in the integration processes in NATO and the EU, as essential for the entire region of the Western

Regarding the support of the European integration path of Kosovo, as well as the membership within the framework of international organizations and initiatives,
President Xhaferi expressed confidence that this support will never be lacking, and that as state representatives and compatriots, they do not miss any opportunity to support
membership, participation or at the very least securing observer status for the Republic of Kosovo, because, as he pointed out, "as a region we are only as strong as our
weakest neighbour, which means that only united can we be a force that can speak and to act on his own behalf and do what is best for himself in these uncertain times.";
Furthermore, President Xhaferi, emphasized that cooperation in international platforms is an extremely useful opportunity for the countries individually, but also for the entire region, pointing to the Western Balkans Growth Plan of the European Commission or the Vienna Economic Forum and others, which is a confirmation of our common goal of
integration into the European family. In the context of NATO, Prime Minister Xhaferi indicated that we fully support the Republic of Kosovo and its strategic goal of integrating into this alliance, especially considering the current geopolitical context and current military actions in Ukraine and the Middle East.

Prime Minister Xhaferi concluded his lecture with the motive of creating European values ​​at home, in the region, which is to make our countries attractive for life,
education, work, creation, development and professional training of the young generations. Among other things, he emphasized that "only if we present ourselves
together, in a neighbourhood and regional aspect, there will be no challenge that we will not overcome.";

At the end of his presentation, the President of the Government, Xhaferi, told the students, "Create values, discover new peaks, and never stop going forward."With all
of you forward, all of us together, as a region, we will serve as an example that will be used by everyone!” As a token of gratitude to Prime Minister Xhaferi, the students had prepared a suitable gift, an artistic painting, which they presented to him at the end of the lecture. During the day, Prime Minister Xhaferi also visited the Memorial Centre in Prekaz,
where he paid personal respect to the victims of the family of commander Adem Jashari, and also visited his family who still lives there.