Xhaferi: The voice of the citizens will reaffirm the European path of the country

This morning, in his native Forino, the President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi, exercised his right to vote on today’s presidential elections.

In a statement for the media, PM Xhaferi wished for a peaceful election day on which the citizens will express their own will, and it is the duty of the state institutions to make this possible. 

The Prime Minister conveyed that these elections are of great importance because the direction of the country depends on them.

“For the three decades of the country’s independence, the principal determination is that the country and the citizens are in favour of EU membership, and we are obliged to ensure that. Of course, the citizens will show this with their own will and vote. Having in mind the global developments, as well as the situation in the region, I believe that the majority of the citizens will express this through the voting process”, said the President of the Government, Xhaferi.